The Offering

Mark Sheppard

Producer/ Remixer/ Musician/ the offering

Established in 1998, 'the Offering' is the brainchild of Cambridge-based producer, remixer and musician, Mark Sheppard.

In a career spanning two decades,the Offering have collaborated with many artists including: ViX (Fuzzbox), Robin George (Thin Lizzy/ Robert Plant), JOANovARC, Donna Gardier (Sting/ Westlife/ TInchy Strider), Jacqui Taylor (Asrai/ The Clan Destined), Alisa B (Prince/ George Clinton), Angie Brown (Rolling Stones/ Kate Bush), Martin Walkyier (Sabbat/ Skyclad/ The Clan Destined), Camille Alvey/ LollieVox (LeAnn Rimes), Ella Montclare (Dr Dre), Jo Gabriel, the Medieaval Baebes, Joy Shannon and Izzie Voodoo.


New Single: Ritual

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Ritual the offering

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Underworld Single

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Underworld the offering

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Kick It : Katfurr featuring ViX (Fuzzbox). Release date 21/09/2015.

Kick it - Katfurr featuring Vix Fuzzbox


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